Sep 19, 2022 • 8M

What is financial independence?

Raise your financial IQ!

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More than an Investment and Capital Management Company. We are a the global brand of money, business, and investing. Teaching the business principles that work in all economies. All about how to achieve financial freedom by acquiring assets that produce passive income (cash-flow). All rights reserve 2021. Visit our digital education platform to expedite wealth at
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The following formula is wha we we used at Master Investor, LLC to be financially free and wealthy. The formula is this: We buy and create assets that generate cash flow The cash flow from our assets pay for our living expenses Once our monthly cash flow from our assets is equal to or greater than our monthly living expenses then we are financially free because our assets are cash flowing and are working for us to generate true wealth When the formula is completed, we no longer have to work for money. When we no longer have to work for money, we are financially independent. Read the entire blog here:

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